Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Open Back Sweater

I must admit: I can't resist an open back top or dress! They reveal such a sensual part of a woman's body that is not usually bare and seen. While I was home for the holidays, on one of the nights I went out with some family friends, and I found this look the most appropriate and comfortable for a long dinner night filled with dancing. My advice is don't be afraid to mix leather with knitwear as it looks absolutely chic and on top of that it's also comfy! But also, pay attention to the accessories you wear if you put on a chunky necklace, as it's always better to go with too little than too much, so a pair of small earrings and a very soft ring would be the most you can add to your look in such cases. Hope you like it! 
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I was wearing:

Zara Sweater
Zara Skirt
Zara Necklace
Mango Messenger Bag
Zara Booties


  1. Found you on LB, and glad to see you here. Lovely outfit darling xx

    1. Thank you sooo much! ^_^ I'm very glad you like it!! xx